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Hi, we are The Omotosho’s.  I’m Akin A. Omotosho and I’m Tara Omotosho and we help people start their own businesses based on things they like to do!

I am Akin and in June 2013, my “good” government contract ended unexpectedly!  I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I thought my business would get picked up from another company but that didn’t happen.  So I prayed and asked God what to do next and I heard consult people and show them how to improve their businesses.  Earlier in my career, I worked as an auditor and I would tell businesses what they were doing wrong and how to they could fix the problems.  I use this skill set to consult with businesses today.
In 2016 my wife joined me and we have helped thousands of people start their businesses.  Some of these people wanted to stay in the fields they went to school for others have started new paths, but we helped both groups to make additional money based on their skills.

The main focus of the program is to learn the practical Skills to become a successful entrepreneur and to take those skills and know-how to turn them into Income Streams.  (please read the terms before you enroll in any of our courses)

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